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Budapest Pinball Museum

BIBalázs Pálfi, founder:

This is not a secret, that I've been a pinball enthusiast since my age of 5. I think this feeling is one of the greatest contributing factors that have made Budapest Pinball Museum famous domestically and increasingly, abroad, as well.

At Budapest Pinball Museum, our aim is to share some of the most popular arcade games of the 20th century. The space we have for this has now been nearly outgrown. I've been having the urge for a while now to provide a bigger picture of the arcade scene for both the younger and for the somewhat older. I want to share with everyone how it felt (and what a big deal it was that time) playing quartz games, or tabletop arcade games under the school desks. Many of those players have been seeking for the experience ever since. In my observation, these experiences are still alive in ourselves, what we need is a little spark to bring them out.

We remember how it felt to launch a proton torpedo into the thermal exhaust port of the Death Star, leading the X-wing squadron (Star Wars, 1983), or to fight horrible space phoenixes who were obtaining new lives from their ashes or hatching themselves from their own eggs at an increasing speed during the game (Phoenix, 1980). In my experience, we can relive our childhood with all these time machines. A different age which in a sense was, well, if not neccessarily better or worse, but maybe a bit slower and more naive, where you could tell 'virtual' apart from 'reality'. (also there was snow in December :).


Gábor "SakmaN" Szakács private collector

sakman2Gábor "SakmaN" Szakács is of the old school. He grew up together with video gaming industry, he confesses. He was in elementary school when first Pong machines appeared in Hungary. It was love at first sight for him. From then on, he was throwing his pocket money into the arcade machines of suburbian Budapest. As a teenager, he also exploited every opportunity to embrace his geekness when playing at friends and classmates. Then he got involved even more profoundly in the subject, working 8 years at a gaming magazine. Ha started collecting seriously back in 2005. His collection consists mainly of PC consoles, video and handheld games. His favourite manufacturer is SEGA.

He's one of the few to share his items with the great public on a regular basis. The first occasion was in 2009 in legeandary Csokonay Community Centre (a.k.a. Csoki). Ever since then, ReGamEx shows (retro video and quartz game exhibitions) have taken place each year. Gábor is a regular at various gamer shows and as well as private events and receives great feedbacks at these.

He'll arrive to Arcadia with his extended 'travel kit', legendary PC and video consoles (Nintendo, SEGA, Atari, Commodore, Enterprise, Sinclair, Coleco, Videoton, stb.), all of them in good condition and and ready to use! A smaller exhibition will also be available, showcasing the 'real treasured items'.



farkasviktor2László Viktor Farkas private collector

Viktor is a dedicated gamer since the age of 6, his first PC was a Commodore 64 inherited from his grandfather. His passion for gaming had started with 'The last ninja' and as a child he'd spend all his pocket money on "Cadillacs and Dinosaurs", "Robocop" and the like at local arcades.

Thanks to a console rent store that had opened in his neighbourhood, he'd also had access to all Sega Nintendo and Playstation games in his neighbourhood. His favourite style is Beat'em up. He purchased his first own console, a Sega Dreamcast back in 1999, then he collected all games in existence ever since.

He started collecting retro consoles by purchasing SEGA Mega Drive then Super Nintendo and Playstation 1. By today this collection is completed with pinball and arcade video machines. His collection includes rarities widely acknowledged by all retro nerds. To Arcadia, he's bringing mainly exceptional items, however his Neo-Geo, Nintendo, Sega and Panasonic consoles will also be available for playing.



 In my youth in the 90’s I have played pinball mainly in the cinema, because this was one of the few locations where pinball machines have been set up in our little town, while the cinema was closed.

Around a decade ago it came into my mind that it is also possible to buy a pinball machine for home, to have the opportunity again to enjoy these games.
So it happened that I bought my 1st machine (a Buck Rogers) and at the same time I bought a second machine (Williams Cyclone), because it is much more fun to have more games available for playing.
This was the time when the love for pinball really shifted and now there are more than 30 older pinball machines in my collection from the mid 80’s up to now.

The brand new pinball machines from Heighway Pinball, Stern Pinball and Jersey Jack Pinball are also a part of it. Especially the technology and the innovative concept of Heighway Pinball fascinated me very much and this is the reason why I founded RS-Pinball e.U. in 2015 to be the official general Distributor of Heighway Pinball for Germany and Austria. But we are selling also to other countries. Full Throttle is the 1st Pinball machine from Heighway Pinball and in Autumn 2016 the 2nd Machine Alien will be launched and also brought, together with Full Throttle to Arcadia, in November in Budapest .

In 2015 I decided to found RS-Pinball e.U. and to make a job out of the hobby. So RS-Pinball e.U. operates, repairs and rents pinball machines to get them to the enthusiasts. We also organize and support different Pinball tournaments.
Our customers can buy new pinballs from Heighway Pinball, Stern Pinball and Jersey Jack Pinball as well as different modding and spare part articles because we are partner of Superfluxxer LED from Germany, Playfieldprotectors.com from Germany and Pinsound from France.
All this products can be tested and enjoyed in the showroom of RS-Pinball e.U. in Vöcklabruck which is halfway between Salzburg and Linz. Contact and visit us if you have time www.rs-pinball.at



Krakow Pinball Museum was created in Jan 2016 as the brainchild and result of pinball passion of 2 collector friends - Marcin and Maciej. After a couple of years of collecting pinballs they decided to convert a former 300m2 basement beer pub in Krakow’s Old Town into a Pinball Museum. It is now the only private collection in Poland with over 50 pinball machines and arcade machines that is continuously open to the public. You will find there greatest games, great ambience and a solid selection of local beers and soft drinks. Being a younger, smaller sister of Budapest Pinball Museum, Krakow Pinball Museum strives to deliver the very best in pinball and fun to keep the family proud! :)


FLIPPERBERLES.hu - Attila Jónás, founder:

"Some people are pinball lovers from the very beginning, some only encounter them later in their lives. When I was a young boy, I wasn't really enthusiastic about this machines, it was only later, in my adult life that my professional occupation lead me to them. As from 1991, a lot of pinball machines started to flood into Hungary and they required permanent maintenance. Two years later I started to lease darts machines and pinballs.
A renewed pinball is not simply a piece of art, but it is also fun to play with."
His company offers pinballs, darts machines, arcade video games, typhoon tables, foosball, and box machines also for corporate parties and other events. They have more than 20 kinds of oinball to offer, among others: Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Monster Bash, Scared Stiff, Addams Family, Twilight Zone, Terminator 2, Lord of the Rings. Further info: flipperberles.hu

Béla Harcsa, collector

Béla Harcsa is bringing their wonderful Zaccaria pinballs to our exhibition. Apart from other classics, this is the main line in his collection which has been continuously growing during the last ten years.

Our collector started his "gamer career" in the Budapest Amusement Park around 1983. The first game to play for him was video arcade classic 'Phoenix', let alone the number of electro mechanical pinballs in the collection of the Amusement Park that time, among others pinball classic Hayburners. Comes as no surprise, that the first machine in his collection was a Phoenix, too.


Aside from the encounter with your Inner Child, the most important thing at Arcadia is that you simply feel good. We are sure that one needs no extra fuel to achieve this, however, thanks to our sponsors, a little extra motivation will also be available.

If you happen to attend a tournament (Wizard of Wor, virtual pinball, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, 1943) then cool goodies may be yours. Our sponsorship prizes include gifts from Logitech for the Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and 1943 winners.


magnew 500x500 1 1

8 PlayStation4 stands, recently released Call of Duty Black Ops4, Soul Calibur 6, playseat F1 2018 - all this will be brought to Arcadia by market leading video game distributor Magnew.
Magnew was established in 1991 and started selling games at the dawn of Playstation consoles. Having signed agreements with global leading distributors, they now play a decisive role in the domestic market. Magnew wll have a joint stand with KonzolGame at Arcadia, the latter company will also bring a Wii U to the exhibition.