(Photo: Arcade Hry, Czech Republic)

ARCADIA for the first time!

Save the date now! Or, pre-order tickets for the event: ARCADIA, the interactive retro arcade game exhibition in Budapest will be held between the 18th and 20th of November this year.

More than 200 machines for your playing pleasure from the Golden Age of arcade! Video games, pinballs, all set to free play!. Retro console and computer games, as well as the most popular quartz games of the era!

Our core values are as follows:

Passion: Seek, collect and share the best, most popular or most rare pieces of the arcade and tabletop culture of the last decades. These are the values of the exhibitors of ARCADIA, who represent the most famous pinball and arcade museums and collections of Hungary and Central Europe.

Quality: Exhibitors of ARCADIA, such as Budapest Pinball Museum (Europe's biggest interactive Pinball Museum) or Arcade Hry from the Czech Republic (Europe's largest video arcade museum), to name but two, attract a lot of visitors also from abroad. Continuously striving for excellence, these exhibitions receive the best reviews from tourists all over the world. Uncompromising quality is a value also shared by Altar Furniture. The bespoke luxury furniture workshop, based in Budapest, with relevant pieces of “Arcade Resurrection” will also be present at the exhibition.

An international perspective: ARCADIA will be the biggest event of its kind in Hungary. Apart from Budapest Pinball Museum and the aforementioned Arcade Hry from the Czech Republic, the Krakow Pinball Museum  will also be present together with Hungarian collectors (Gábor 'Sakman' Szakács, to name but one, is a leading personality of the domestic indie gamer scene in Hungary.)

Simultaneously, Hungarian Pinball Open, an international tournament with players from 17 countries will be organized in two smaller rooms of the event (this competition is by invitation only). Finals will be broadcasted to the great public through a monitor at the event.

Pre-order tickets for the event here!

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